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Part-time Business Degree Pathway: My Transformative Journey Back to MTU

by Christopher Joyce - Associate Manager Onboarding at Velocity EHS
2nd August 2023

After leaving CIT (Munster Technological University) in 2011 and diving straight into the workforce, the desire to return to college and complete my degree never truly left me. For years, I debated with myself, often talking myself out of it, but the longing to upskill and achieve my educational goals persisted. Finally, summoning the courage, I decided to embark on a part-time course, easing myself back into the academic world after such a long hiatus. While I am grateful for the valuable work experience, I gained in my previous company, I knew that obtaining a degree from Munster Technological University (MTU) would propel me to the next level in my career.

In 2021, I took the first step and enrolled in a Certificate in Project Management (QQI level 8). This course proved to be a game-changer, not only easing my transition back into learning but also providing me with valuable skills. Completing the course with distinction, I moved to a new company and assumed the role of Project Manager. Witnessing the immediate payoff from my upskilling efforts, I felt even more determined to pursue my next goal of achieving a business degree. Without hesitation, I enrolled in the part-time Bachelor of Business (Honours) degree programme at MTU.

Part-time Business Degree Pathway - Blog by Christopher Joyce
Christopher Joyce - MTU

The accessibility offered by MTU for part-time students played a significant role in my decision to pursue this course. Online recorded lectures allowed me to study at my own pace, while on-campus lectures provided an excellent opportunity to network and forge new connections. The practicality of the curriculum and the knowledge I gained during the programme have been invaluable in my new role as an Associate Manager. I proudly completed my degree in December 2022. The icing on the cake was achieving a First Class Honours, making the journey of going back to college all the more fulfilling and rewarding.

The growth in my career over the past few years can be attributed in large part to my decision to return to MTU and upskill in this exceptional university. As I continue to advance in my career, I am confident that the learning and experiences from this transformative journey will continue to drive me forward. Though initially daunting, this pursuit has proven to be an enriching experience, contributing significantly to my personal and professional growth.

Christopher Joyce

Christopher Joyce works as Associate Manager Onboarding at VelocityEHS in Cork and played for the Cork senior hurling team from 2011 to 2020.

MTU’s part-time, evening business degree pathway is for people currently in employment or returning to the workplace. The pathway runs from the Higher Certificate in Business (QQI level 6) to the Bachelor of Business in Management degree (QQI level 7), progressing to a QQI level 8 Award in either the Bachelor of Business (Honours) degree or the Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Accounting. Those with a QQI Level 6 major award or higher in a non-business discipline can gain entry to the Bachelor of Business in Management degree programme. See


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