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Certificate in

Fundamentals of Operational Excellence

Department of Organisation and Professional Development

Certificate in Fundamentals of Operational Excellence

Programme Details

In Brief

Department & School

Department of Organisation and Professional Development


MTU Bishopstown Campus, Cork

Mode of Study


Method of Delivery

On campus


1 Semester (Part-time)
Participants will attend classes for twelve half-days (totaling 48 hours).

Commencement Date

September 2024

Course Fee

Variable fee depending on customisation




Breda O'Dwyer

What To Expect

The programme will give students the opportunity to study fundamental level modules in management and professional development, grounded in theory and applied in practice. The key distinctive feature of this programme is that industry will be involved in the delivery of much of the content and will assign a workplace mentor, while assessment will be directed and undertaken by academic staff in the department.

The programme is strongly rooted in industry and is developed to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry at this time. Reports such as Ireland’s National Skills Strategy 2025 highlight the need for skills development in Ireland. This programme was developed in collaboration with industry, who identified the need for the programme following research undertaken with product builders.

Programmes - Cert in Fundamentals of Operational Excellence

Why Choose This Programme?

The Certificate is a one semester part-time programme that is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence required to successfully work in a product builder role in a manufacturing environment.

The programme uses an innovative blend of real-world situations and problems to assist participants in exploring the opportunities of the manufacturing environment. The industry-focus of the programme coupled with the applied nature of teaching provides a practical bedrock of knowledge and experience which can be used to immediate effect in a multitude of business contexts.

Participants will explore various theories and concepts that will develop their skills and competencies, in an applied context, developing a toolbox of skills that is valuable and readily usable and which will lead to improved team performance in a working environment.

Teaching Methods

The programme is structured to ensure that participant’s time is used wisely and entails a wide variety of competency-based material as part of its delivery.

A phased approach, consisting of a series of lectures, facilitated workshops and work-related projects will be used to ensure that the programme is relevant, engaging and enjoyable.

The programme will make extensive use of reflective logs, together with an essay and portfolio capturing the completion of a number of workplace challenges as part of the programme. Learners will build on their experience and learning gained on the programme, to develop their core competencies and hone techniques and skills that will inform their best-practice application.

Programme Content

One module, 10 ECTS credits, Level 6 Special Purpose Award – Certificate in Fundamentals of Operational Excellence. Teamwork, as a key component of the programme, will be embedded in each of the topics.

The programme comprises a 10 ECTS credits module which will deliver content on

– Mistake Proofing
– Problem Solving
– Lean Essentials
– Emotional Intelligence
– CV & Interview Technique
– Project Management

– Quality Environment
– Principles Training
– Influencing Skills
– Conflict Resolution
– Teamwork
– Environmental Health & Safety

Benefits to Graduates

Professional qualification designed to give an in-demand skill-set

Graduates raise their profile within the organisation

Enhanced employability

Greater opportunities for academic and/or career progression

Description of Graduate Profile

Graduates of the Certificate in Fundamentals of Operational Excellence will approach their roles with a greater confidence and be more willing to work as part of team. On successful completion of the programme, they will be ready to apply for progression either within or outside of their current organisation. It is anticipated that some graduates will also progress to other educational programmes.


For all enquiries, please contact Breda O ‘Dwyer by email at

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