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MA in Regenerative Tourism

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Master of Arts in Regenerative Tourism

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Thurs, 25th May 2023


1:00pm - 2:00pm GMT
7:00pm - 8:00pm GMT


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MA in Regenerative Tourism

Information Webinars

This short seminar will give an outline of the new online Master of Arts (MA) in Regenerative Tourism, offered by the Dept. of Business at MTU, and commencing in Sept. 2023.

Thurs, 25th May @ 1:00pm
Thurs, 25th May @ 7:00pm

Master of Arts (MA) in Regenerative Tourism

Regenerative tourism, at its simplest, seeks to ensure travel and tourism reinvest in people, places and nature and that it supports the long-term renewal and flourishing of our social-ecological systems (Dredge, 2022). Regenerative tourism offers a ground-breaking set of solutions to rethink and rebuild the tourism industry in a way that develops long-lasting capabilities and strengthens resilience for its direct and indirect stakeholders. It revitalizes local economies, preserves local cultures and biodiversity while offering memorable, authentic and transformative experiences to the guests, allowing destinations to flourish.

This MA in Regenerative Tourism will provide you with the opportunity to become an active player in the transition to Regenerative and Sustainable tourism. You will learn how to deploy regenerative tourism strategies to innovate tourism development for a more holistic, balanced approach and deliver net positive benefits for communities and the environment through applied projects. The programme design incorporates three key pillars of learning.

Masters in Regenerative Tourism
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