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Personal Growth - My Part-Time Student Experience at MTU

by Julia Schriefer, Part-Time Student & Graduate, MTU
4th December 2022

I have been studying part-time at CIT, now MTU, since 2019. I first enrolled in a one-year Higher Diploma in Business in Sales Management which I found very practical, as the course content was very relatable to my daily job. Through various assignments and group projects, I learned to critically analyse a topic and apply the knowledge to come up with a solution. This is a skill I still benefit from at work to date.

After I completed the course, Covid-19 was still ongoing, and since I was enjoying the experience of studying part-time so much, I applied for MTU’s MBA in Strategy programme. Not only were the modules very engaging and interesting, but it also offered great networking opportunities for future career advancements. Personally, I developed such a great intrinsic motivation to give my absolute best, simply because of my own desire to grow personally, not because I had to.

Julia Schriefer, MBA in Strategy Graduate (part-time) at MTU

A degree is something that can never be taken away from you. It is an experience that shapes your character, your identity, and your passions. Plus, it helps you, big time, for any future vacancies you are applying to. During every conversation I had with potential employers, everyone was pointing out my part-time studies and their respect towards you being able to juggle both studies and work. You just stand out.

While studying part-time and working full-time is both demanding and challenging, I learned to plan and manage my time effectively, set priorities and never forget to enjoy the process and take breaks. Overall, I could not be more grateful for my experience at MTU. All the lecturers had an inspiring drive to deliver content that is so close to practical life, which made it so much more interesting. Hence, I started to like subjects I always believed not to be interested in at all, such as Finance and Global Economics.

Personal Growth - My Part-time Student Experience at MTU

But most of all, MTU helped me to grow personally, to improve my skills, knowledge, personal qualities, life goals and overall outlook. For me, it was more than just visiting classes and gain a degree. It was falling in love with continuous education and lifelong learning. I realised how important it is to always prioritise choosing something you want to do, rather than something you feel you must in order to tick a box. Whilst all the possible options out there nowadays can be quite overwhelming, it is worth listening to your gut and choose something that truly interests you. If you have an interest in something, it can grow into something more than an interest; it may grow into a passion.

I could have never imagined becoming so ambitious and goal-driven towards becoming someone that keeps pursuing the best version of themselves. This desire keeps pushing me to higher levels and reinforces the skills I have attained through these learnings. MTU helped me to become a person with incredible strength and willpower, but most of all to see personal growth as a lifelong process that never reaches the ultimate level of completion, whilst still feeling joy during the process. I realised there is always something to learn and improve upon. As long we keep an open mind and focus on what’s important to us, we will continue to grow, improve, and realise our full potential.

Julia Schriefer

Higher Diploma in Business in Sales Management (part-time) - 2022 MTU Graduate
MBA in Strategy (part-time) - 2022 MTU Graduate

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